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ORA Activewear, the store for warriors in leggings

Being a woman in 2022 means wearing several hats : mom, wife, business woman.

No, sport is not just a man's story! The running break, yoga, fitness or swimming session has become the moment of disconnection of the day! The opportunity to meet and free yourself from the constraints and stress of everyday life.

Sport, we love it! It's fun, it makes a dream silhouette, it's good for your health and it forges a warrior's mind.

Yes, except that! Wonderwoman she has style… and it's very frustrating to go running with the same black shorts and white t-shirt as Mr. We want comfort , colors that make us want to jump into our sneakers, girly accessories, technical outfits adapted to our practice and our silhouette, brands that offer eco-designed products that respect our planet .

Do you want to be beautiful and engaged in your sports practice?

We have gathered for you textiles and accessories dedicated to the practice of sport

Become an ORA Woman!

ORA Activewear, a story of Women

The Orawomen

ORA Activewear is a story of women, Christelle and Céline, which began on the benches of business school. The brunette, the blonde, so different; we all are; and both definitely complementary!

The 40-year-old showed the tip of her nose with a strong desire to share our vision and our desires, to create something for girls, for women, which also responds to a lifestyle. We dreamed of sport, style, freedom, well-being, comfort and balance in a 1,000-hour life where you have to juggle several hats.

ORA Activewear is a concept store dedicated to active and sporty women . The woman who takes time for herself through various activities: yoga, fitness, running, pilates, walking, etc.

This little break from everyday life in which we want to be beautiful and assert our personality! Go-getters, unique, rebellious, gentle, committed, artists, cautious but definitely women and proud of it.

Each with our silhouette , our tastes and this furious desire to change the world!

Ora a 100% feminine universe, just for you!

Our mission: To offer you, within a physical store and an e-commerce site, a 100% feminine universe worn by brands of sportswear, activewear and loungewear with technical and trendy collections.