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ORA Activewear, when Sportswear meets fashion

Ora Activewear, a concept store for active and sporty women

Our ORA activewear store moved to the pretty pedestrian streets of Avignon in October 2022.

We introduce ourselves: Céline & Christelle, the brunette and the blonde!

From our meeting, more than 20 years ago in business school, was born a friendship that has crossed the years, the kilometers, the phases of life of active women, mothers, sportswomen!

We dream of style, freedom and comfort in our lives at 100 an hour. The ORA Activewear concept was born from the meeting of two worlds, that of fashion and sport. Two passions that drive us and make us complementary! It is also a project that is in line with the Athléisure trend .

Athleisure is a movement born in the United States. More than a style, it's a way of life. Athleisure is a cross between sport and fashion, practicality and aesthetics. The development of telework, the evolution of the Dress code in many companies and start-ups have led to the expression of a lifestyle for all working women! The desire for a healthy lifestyle where clothes can be both trendy and comfortable !

In our 100% women's sportswear store, we offer collections of French and European brands that are part of both the Athleisure movement and an eco-responsible approach .

One outfit, two uses

We choose the clothes with this complementarity that drives us! Céline is looking for style , I wonder about comfort adapted to practice . The goal is to offer you as many clothes as possible that can be worn in your favorite sport but also in the city.

In our store, we take the time to talk with our customers. Because you are our best ambassadors!

Through the fittings in the cabins, everyone appropriates the chosen garment: "I could wear these jogging pants at trade shows", "This Yoga set is great for a Sunday outfit", "This sweatshirt would go very well with a jeans", "I could also put this little top to work".

Textile solutions for your favorite sport

At Ora Activewear you will find outfits suitable for yoga, running, fitness, cycling or swimming. We take the time to discuss your favorite sports and guide you according to the technical specificities of our products.

A legging will be according to its shape, its outfit or its details (pockets, zippers) more suitable for certain practices. It will be the same for our sports bras, our sweatshirts, t-shirts and jackets.

So that everyone finds their style!

You can also adapt your sports outfit to your tastes! We choose our collections with varied and trendy colors so that everyone finds their style in the shop.