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Brand: Manduka

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With its space-saving rectangular shape, Manduka's enlight™ Rectangular Bolster features 30% recycled fiber fill that provides soft cushioning and lightweight support. With a sturdy, easy-to-carry handle, the Manduka Rectangular Bolster offers the greatest versatility, performance, and support possible for any practice.

The enlight™ Rectangular Bolster is a good basic bolster - ideal when you are first introducing a bolster into your practice.

Yoga bolsters are commonly used in restorative, prenatal, and Iyengar yoga, but can be a valuable accessory in any style. They are very useful for postures related to meditation and rest.

Some yogis like to place them under their knees or back during Savasana for more comfort. Using a bolster can be a comfortable way to open up your chest and help you focus on your breathing.

Soft, plush and absorbent eQua microfiber cover.
Cover is removable for easy cleaning
Hidden zipper for a smooth, seamless finish.
Convenient, strong and easy to carry handle with faux suede logo.
30% recycled polyester fiber core.
Cotton fill provides soft to medium support
This lightweight bolster differs from traditional, heavier buckwheat bolsters.
Versatile and easy to pair with other bolsters and accessories for customizable support.

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Product features

Features :

Color: dark blue
Weight: 1.1kg
Dimensions: 71cm x 30cm x 12cm

The outer microfiber cover is made with eQua® microfiber fabric, a recyclable synthetic material, designed for performance and durability. The inner pillow is made in Italy, the outer covers are made in China and the bolsters are assembled in Belgium.


Manduka is a leading brand has been engaged in making yoga mats since 1997. The quality and performance of Manduka yoga mats and accessories are still unmatched in the market. They are made with simple, sustainable, natural and renewable materials. Manduka is a company created by and for yoga teachers and their students.

All rugs are made without toxic chemicals, dyes and phthalates which are known to disrupt hormonal balance.