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Brand: Veets

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Made in France and equipped with the latest Veets technologies , the Utopik project was born to meet the needs of runners looking for a running shoe with maximum comfort , cushioning and of protection during the training where the races.

The Utopik women's road is designed with a new sole block , exclusive to this model. Still designed using Instinctech 3-point geometry, this shoe allows the runner to move their center of gravity towards the front and thus adopt a posture racing more natural .

There flexible and lightweight EVA foam midsole allows a absorption of repeated impacts in order to bring even more comfort in your race and less trauma to your joints . Thanks to its new wider outsole, the sole provides more stability , but it also helps to secure the stride thanks to a larger support surface .

The Utopik MIF1 for women also acquires of one new , more comfortable fit And soft with a heel reinforcement and an padded tongue with a “strapping” effect elastic support (VMC). The pair of shoes is so much easier to put on while maintaining ankle support And optimal stability.

THE EcoVeets fabric which makes up the upper of the shoe is entirely made with plastic bottles recycled .

This French running shoe affirms a style bold and super modern .

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Product features

Features :

Stride Type: Any type

Drops: 10

Use: Long running / endurance

Rider Weight: Any weight

Women's Shoe Weight: 255 g (Size 37)


The VEETS brand breaks the codes and claims a different positioning on the running and trail market. From 2021, VEETS will be the first French brand to manufacture its running and trail shoes in France (2021 range), from its design to its communication!