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"Pleine Lune" is an artisanal meditation candle made in Marseille with the scent of Ylang Ylang. Each candle in the Moon Collection is unique and made up of Stones that you can keep when the candle burns out. Their wicks are wooden and crackle when lit.

The Moon Ylang Ylang candle will bring you:

Observation • Lucidity • Clairvoyance • Calm

In the middle of the cycle, take stock of the path taken, identify the obstacles and eliminate them. Full Moon energy can be driving or anxiety-provoking. Keep calm, trust yourself and meditate...MASTER YOUR INNER FIRE...​

Sports practices tested and approved by Ora Women

A little meditation break ;-)

Product features

Characteristic: Net weight ≈120g • Combustion: 20h minimum

Composition :

ROCK CRYSTAL: Revered in lithotherapy and has always been by man for its healing and magical powers, Rock Crystal promotes meditation, connection to one's "deep self". It calms negative energies to make them more harmonious. Wearing a rock crystal would even provide a feeling of euphoria or invulnerability.

MOON STONE: Moon Stone soothes anxieties and provides serenity. A stone of clairvoyance, it develops intuition, promotes good decision-making and stimulates creativity.

YLANG YLANG: Recognized for its anti-stress and relaxing virtues, Ylang Ylang helps to relax the mind, to relax while feeling more awake and more attentive.

Eco-responsible approach: The meditation candles are entirely designed and handmade in Marseille. They are made from 100% vegetable soy wax, GMO-free, pesticide-free and biodegradable, and fragrances made in Grasse without CMR, phthalates or animal materials. Their wicks are naturally made of wood.


We melted for these 4 elegant candles to meditate to the rhythm of the moon.

New MOON: setting your new intentions

Rising MOON: dare to create and undertake

Full MOON: stay calm and confident

Descending MOON: ask yourself and thank you

Artisanal, we adore their perfumes developed in Grasse, their crackling wooden wick, the flowers picked up during the walks of their creator and the stones to keep once the candle has been consumed.