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Brand: Yogasana

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80 illustrated yoga cards that will become your guide to daily yoga practice.

YOGASANA contains

- 75 cards with illustrated and detailed yoga postures
- 1 card with rules & instructions
- Sun Salutations A and B
- 4 yoga sequences per theme, to be performed according to your desires and needs

This practical and inspiring tool allows you to:
- master and know the most important postures of yoga
- improve your practice thanks to detailed explanations and benefits
- create your own sequences; at home, while traveling or for teaching

YOGASANA aims to make yoga accessible to everyone. It is aimed at all people who are interested in yoga: beginners, confirmed students, experts and yoga teachers.

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Product features

Dimensions: 7.7 x 12.5 x 3cm


YOGASANA was designed, written and illustrated by Roxanne Blondel; entrepreneur, illustrator and yoga teacher. We love the illustrations and explanations of the postures. The fun side of "card drawing" which allows you to create your own sequences and reinvent yourself each time in your practice.